Thank you for standing with Egyptian Prisoners of Conscience

Dear all,

I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude for your adding your voice to the unprecedented message of support for human rights, sent to Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el Sisi.

As the wife of prisoner of conscience Ramy Shaath, and a human rights defender, I am personally moved by your support, which gives me hope for my husband’s release. We know very well that in view of the determined campaign to silence any independent voices in Egypt, the authorities will only improve the country’s human rights record if they are publicly called to account. Letters like the ones released by you and by US lawmakers last week, make it clear that this policy of unjust detention must end.

This unprecedented mobilization has been widely covered in international and national media from different countries (Please see the non-exhaustive list of press articles in different countries below).

We hope to share this message far and wide. Please do share it, if you have not had the time to do so yet; you should have received a toolkit from Mounir Satouri's office on 21 Oct. 2020 to help your office circulate it on social media and to let your constituents know that you stand on the side of freedom and justice.

Thank you for your support.

Céline Lebrun Shaath

Free Ramy Shaath



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